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About Calvary Assembly of God White River | Pastor Nico & Cecilia Engelbrecht | Mpumalanga Christian Ministries & Missions

Calvary Assembly of God is based in White River, Mpumalanga and is lead by Pastor Nico Engelbrecht. A testimony and brief history of the Pastor / Shepard of Calvary Assembly of God WR, Mpumalanga.





A Brief History of the starting of Calvary Assembly, Nelspruit


It was about 1952, when Hubert and Jean Phillips from Elim Churches in England, Merlin and Myrtle Lund from Assemblies of God, USA and Robert and Jean Peel from the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada felt the need to start a worship service and prayer meeting, mainly for the benefit of their children and their friends. The men rotated the preaching ministry. They were all involved in the flourishing literature ministry of Emmanuel Press.


At first they met in a hall in the Nelspruit Municipal Building and then moved to a small building on a nearby street. In 1954, Bob and Doris Skinner and their two boys Gary and Dean came to join the Emmanuel Press ministry and, though rather young, Bob was asked to join in the preaching rotation. In the late 50s David and Loreen Newington and their three children came to join the Emmanuel Press/Calvary Assembly team. The small assembly grew, especially with the vibrant ministry of the Newingtons and the Assembly soon outgrew the small hall. A fine building was purchased from the Dutch Reform Church, right on the corner of two of the main streets in Nelspruit.


Numbered amongst the early members of the Assembly were the Penny, Curry, Stapleberg, MacDonald and Rottcher families. The real strength of the Assembly was the Wednesday evening service, which was rotated amongst the homes of the members. This was a time of praise and worship and a study of the Word. Others to join the staff at Emmanuel Press included John Simms, Syd Nero, David Butcher, Ron Gull and others together with their families. They too joined in the life of the Assembly.


The Assembly outgrew the church building in Nelspruit and so, a sister Assembly was started in White River. Steve Maritz and his wife became the pastors of the Nelspruit Assembly, following Pastors, Paul Lange and several others, sent by the Assemblies of God leadership. When the sister Assembly was started in White River, David and Loreen Newington gave leadership.



Emmanuel Press has it’s beginnings in 1927, when Brother’s Chawner and Hubert Philips began the ministry of EP in Mozambique, but in time was moved to Nelspruit. It was an amalgamation over time in it’s ministry of various church organisations; namely the PAOC – Canada, AoG of Gt Britain, the Elim Church and then the AoG South Africa.
In the 50’s ( I am subject to correction in the dates), the various ministers involved with the Press, felt the necessity to begin a Pentecostal church in Nelspruit, which would serve the families of the Ministers, and the various people who had come to support EP. So Calvary Nelspruit was born, and a church was built next door to the main NG church in Nelspruit.

Two meetings were held on a Sunday, and a Bible study meeting in the week. This midweek meeting became home-groups over a period of time. The church had no official pastor, but instead the various ministers involved with the EP ministry took turns taking the Sunday meetings. Bother’s David Newington, Bob Skinner ( Deans father), Hubert Philips (then Chairman of the EP board), Bill Kirby – AoG Britain, Bob Peel - PAOC and many others, whose names I could research and name, brought into Nelspruit top class Pentecostal ministry. The meetings that were held were powerful both in ministry from the pulpit and congregation, with the powerful Gifts of the Spirit in operation, together with regular Alter calls for salvation. None of the ministry Brethren were paid to minister, but did their task willingly with great spiritual acumen and blessing. One has to realise that these were true men of God who trusted God for their support, and laid their lives down for the Lord, and were instrumental in the Salvation of many people in Nelspruit.

What the Spiritual men of EP did, when establishing Calvary Assembly, was to imbibe the church with true Pentecostal belief and faith. EP was a business of faith established to touch Africa for Jesus by the printed word – tracts, and Bible courses. Souls were being saved through their ministry, and this build-up of faith was inculcated into the fabric of Calvary Assembly. These men of God gave themselves to works of faith in EP, but this was then the basis of what Calvary became.
As time moved on, and the church grew, so others became involved with the ministry of Calvary Assembly. And with the move of the Spirit in the early 70’s, the church reached it’s capacity, and decisions had to be made as t what to do. At the same time the ministry of EP had outgrown the building in Nelspruit opposite the old Co-op, and better buildings were required. So EP bought the property at the end of Hennie van Til near Buco, and plans were drawn up by Brother Bill Kirby, and duly built by myself, and opened in 1976. At the same time again, it was decided that the church in Nelspruit, should divide, and the Calvary Assembly White River was born, again under the auspices of the Ministers involved with EP.

The first building utilised was on the property I owned by me next to where I now stay, and this was used until it was also too small and was then temporarily housed in the new Print shop building of EP. At the same time the property with an old house was bought at the other end of Hennie van Till street, and this was altered and made ready for church purposes. This building was altered and added to accommodate the influx of WR folk still under the auspices of EP ministers, who were now getting on in age. Three brothers were the eldership, David Newington, who was regarded as the Pastor of the church, Russell Clark and Lars Vitus. Ministry brothers involved also came from ASM, so there was still a tremendous input of faith type ministry, and resulted in massive growth.

It was here that the first Pastor was chosen, a young man who had been in the church as a young person, went to Oral Roberts university and came home to the church. Because of the age of the older brothers, and the size of the church at the time, it was felt that a Pastor was necessary for the flock.


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